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Over 40 years of experience ....


Self-service display for unpacked bakery products made of plywood treated with environmentally friendly and food-safe varnish. The upper part consists in drawers (capacity about 35 l) closed by shatterproof glass windows equipped with price holders.

The drawers run on roller bearing slide rails fixed on a metal frame. The bottom of the drawers is made of food-safe slotted aluminium sheet where crumbs fall through in the special extendible collector under the last row of drawers.

The lower part is open for packed products with front tubolar steel containment. Furthermore the display is equipped with neon lighting (or LED lighting).



255.000.001 plexiglass partition for upper drawer
255.000.002 rear openings kit for rear loading
255.000.003 plexiglass crumb collector for upper drawer
255.000.004 shelf with roller table
255.1.5 tongs kit
255.1.6 LED lighting
255.1.7 screen with video operating instructions
255.000.010 inclined shelf for drawer


detail pastry

Elements contained in this data sheet are intended only as a rough guide. Arrebo S.r.l. confirms each product's essential caracteristics but reserves the right to change them at any time and without notice in order to improve the structural and/or commercial terms or to adjust them according to contingent new standards. The present data sheet is protected by copyrights and registration (Law n.633 – 22/04/41 and law n. 1485 – 14-12-42).

L 1000 x D 720 x H 1850 mm
L 1500 x P 720 x H 1850 mm
L 2000 x D 720 x H 1850 mm
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